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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Jun 11, 2018

…in which I lay out what this podcast is, what it isn’t, and why on earth I would open up so publicly about a subject that is more taboo than people’s lives in the bedroom.

*I talk about my compulsive spending and how it has affected my life

*The surprising thing that enabled me to take action

*How my denial about my financial chaos was recently ripped away from me

*How I have managed to lessen some of my shame around my finances

*What a wounded healer is and why it is so important for this journey


The Point of This Podcast

  • Be accountable
  • Put a lid on my spendaholism
  • To exit the paralysis of dread I have been living in for the past few months
  • To dismantle the shame I feel about my past financial mistakes and poor decision making
  • To share these very practical anti-dread, shame-destroying ideas
  • To change how I see myself as regards money


I don’t have the luxury of self-pity that I thought I had – all I have is the ability to experiment.


The Experiment

This podcast will continue if it is useful to others, so please let me know if you get something out of it by subscribing, rating and reviewing and emailing me: mymoneyshift {at}