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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Aug 21, 2018

…in which I share a realisation sparked by something I heard Steve Pavlina, the blogger, say: money is not a power source.

If barter and then money developed as a way to symbolise your contribution to the tribe, then what happens if you chose a career as an act of invisible self-sabotage? You cannot work effectively, and so you are undervalued as part of the tribe (ie your colleagues).

Was I using work to symbolise my perceived exclusion from the tribe?

Have I been using money to express my inappropriate shame as regards the tribe?

What I have realised is that my beliefs around work and money have always been: you have to struggle to make money

If money is a symbol of my relationship to the tribe, what is the relationship that I want to have?

Quote of the episode: “There must be a way to contribute, AND proudly ask for value in return”



Unfortunately I could not find the link to get the video I refer to - but there is a wealth of practical ideas on this site.