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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Oct 6, 2019

…in which I talk about my experiences tracking my latest product launch. I have previously played far too small in this area, and have always made the lion’s share of my income from one-to-one coaching.

Today I talk about the job that I – and I think many people- have used product sales to do. This is serious...

Jul 9, 2019 which I talk about - guess what?!? - how well I stuck to my spending limits in June.

A pretty granular episode, with not much in the way of inspiration, although I do bring a toddler to the party...well, metaphorically speaking anyway!

I will be back later in the summer.

With thanks to Lyra Beale.

Jul 8, 2019

Do you have an inner money rebel? One who looks at your efforts to budget and cackles Mwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!...???

In this episode I talk about my inner money rebel, and how to deal with this energy within you by doing something that nobody ever seems to talk about but is beautiful in its simplicity.

Free Hour's...

Jun 15, 2019

Heads up for next episode: you  can watch the whole of Touching The Void )which I will be talking about) here:


This episode I explain the importance of having a fun budget, but more importantly, how to *actually do one* - as opposed to lying to yourself that you are limiting your...

Jun 1, 2019 which I talk about how complacency (a close cousin of compulsion) started to worm its way into my weekend spending.