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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Jul 9, 2018

…in which my desire to build wealth collides with my desire to spend compulsively. Which one won out? And what did I learn from it?

In this episode, I describe an small experiment in attracting wealth and my results, which I’m pretty pleased with. It’s not a stretch belief-wise or spend-wise – so even if you are going through a dark night of the soul financially, you can have a go.

How much does positive thinking, the law of attraction and the force of your will affect your wealth? Let me state from the outset that that I think there are massive problems with simplistic, ego-driven approaches like The Secret – especially when your history with money is as chaotic as mine.

However, if you do this right, you can see some surprising results, as you will hear in this episode.

Find out what planned allowing is.

From Steve Pavlina, who set me this challenge:

“The counter-intuitive idea here is that spending a little more can actually help you earn more too.”

Eh??? Listen in and find out what he is on about.



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With thanks to Lyra Beale