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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Jun 11, 2018

…in which I describe the one idea that I have found actually makes me not only put down the junk and walk away, but feel good about it. Too good to be true? Listen and find out.

Oddly enough, I discovered this idea via a friend in my own personal palace of compulsive spending. You will have one of these – it may be identical to mine, it may be different…it’s that one shop or store that gives you an instant common sense-ectomy the minute you walk in. “Budget – what budget?” You murmur, seduced by the rows and rows of junk.

In this episode:

*I discuss why household stores are an especially powerful breeding ground for impulse buying

*What the compulsive spending is trying to achieve for you psychologically

*The link between clutter and compulsive spending



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