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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Aug 31, 2018 which I discuss Steve Pavlina's month-long prosperity webinar series that I have just completed in August. I talk about a few key points from the course.


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With thanks to Lyra...

Aug 21, 2018

…in which I share a realisation sparked by something I heard Steve Pavlina, the blogger, say: money is not a power source.

If barter and then money developed as a way to symbolise your contribution to the tribe, then what happens if you chose a career as an act of invisible self-sabotage? You cannot work...

Aug 7, 2018

…in which I answer the question: is it possible to have a virtually spend-free weekend? And if so, how? What other factors (habits, ways of thinking) make this possible?

I also tell you about my favourite financial podcast discovery - The Prosperity Show with Joan Sotkin. 

Quote of the episode: “Just being aware,...