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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Sep 24, 2018 which I talk about the significance of Cate Blanchett's character, Florence Zimmerman in this film  The House With A Clock In Its Walls.

This is a continuation of the discussion from episode #19 and contains mahoosive spoilers. You have been warned! 

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Thanks as always to Lyra...

Sep 23, 2018 which I discuss how turning a pretty tough week into a success taught me the rather un-straightforward secret to becoming financially free: keep your feet on the ground while having your head above (not in*) the clouds. All is explained in this episode.

JacK Black and Cate Blanchett also drop in for a cup...

Sep 15, 2018

…in which I explain what exactly is this thing called subjective reality, and how does it impact your earning ability and how you manage your finances?

In this beginner’s guide, I will explain what SR is and how it has helped me. Be aware  - this episode is a bit challenging. However, there is no need to buy in to...

Sep 4, 2018 which I tell you about one beautifully simple rule that I am finding surprisingly easy to stick to to manage my money. And yes, it does have something to do with The Hitchhikers's Guide To The Galaxy (Well, sort of...)

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