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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Oct 21, 2018

…in which I describe how one book has helped me climb out of the pit of despair I had fallen into recently. So if you are suffering any kind of setback (not just financial), the ideas I present should offer you a workable anti-despair solution.

Great challenges are often like The Great Fire of London – find out why...

Oct 7, 2018 which I discuss how a seemingly wasteful publicity stunt has some powerful things to teach us about changing our relationship to money. Joan Sotkin and Stuart Wilde also pop in for a cup of tea (well. sort of...)

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The Banksy Story:

Oct 3, 2018 which I update you with the good news that the inner work of the last few weeks has started to translate into external results. We are talking cash in the bank!

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Thanks as always to Lyra Beale