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The Financial Freedom Diaries

Oct 21, 2019

…in which I talk about moving forward in spite of my dread and shame about this subject.

This weekend I googled ‘pensions for the terrified’ and was pleasantly surprised to find – among all the expected doom and gloom merchants – a beacon of hope.

In this episode I talk about what happened next.



Oct 20, 2019

*NOTE ON AUDIO QUALITY* As explained in part one, this entire episode was recorded on my phone and the audio quality is lower than in the earlier episodes.

Today I give you a sales update and talk about the first mental obstacle I have hit.

This launch diary is my audio journal of the ups and downs of the process of...

Oct 6, 2019

…in which I talk about my experiences tracking my latest product launch. I have previously played far too small in this area, and have always made the lion’s share of my income from one-to-one coaching.

Today I talk about the job that I – and I think many people- have used product sales to do. This is serious...